Charles Sherman believes there are no short cuts to effective public relations today.  The relationship between client and publicist can only thrive through honesty, integrity, commitment and dedication.  In addition to these qualities, when Charles Sherman signs a new client, he brings to the media marketplace a great passion for that client’s needs and a love for the arena in which he or she works.   He also prides himself on the quality of his personal relationships with the media community.  When a client hires Charles Sherman Public Relations, they are employing a seasoned media specialist who not only understands which media outlets are the most important for career enhancement, but has the direct, personal connections to match. 

     Based on his past experiences, Charles Sherman can immediately assess the media possibilities for a client.  These assessments are based on a broad number of factors, including, for performers, the specific role, the date of release or broadcast, the time of year, and the performer or professional’s availability to complete interviews. 

     Charles Sherman deals with the entire world of media relations, including newspapers and magazines, cable and broadcast television, satellite and terrestrial radio, the Internet, social media sites, charity events, film premieres and other red carpet activities. 

     Even before he contacts these outlets, he carefully prepares individual press kits for the client, which includes custom-tailored biographies, appropriate photographs and presentation letters (also known as pitch letters). 

     For unit publicity assignments, Charles Sherman Public Relations can prepare the full-range of publicity materials for a film – from pre-production through national theatrical and DVD release, including full press kits, video press kits, national campaigns, and press releases to all appropriate trade press.

     Charles Sherman Public Relations also prides itself on coordinating national and local film premieres.  Some of the services that are provided include: inviting the press and photographers, assembling the red carpet (also known as “step and repeat”), all coordination of talent arrival, after parties, photo and news tips and press releases. 

     Charles Sherman is also very hands-on when it comes to the day-to-day servicing of clients.  Clients of Charles Sherman Public Relations are never left alone at red carpet media events.  Charles, himself, is always present to coordinate activities and secure media opportunities.  He’s also adept at acquiring special rates for travel, securing house seats to specific events and finding opportunities at those events that generate the most exposure for the client.